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"Our 100% natural petals in a kitchen tray are ready to be used as an ingredient or decoration"  



Petals from  kitchen  100% natural

in packs of 8, 12, 15 or 18 trays


Sure to eat healthy

All our plants are born, grow and arrive in your hands without NEVER coming into contact with chemicals both in the ground and on the leaves because, simply,
we do not use any chemicals. A rule that applies to all "RaveraBio" certified organic production, 
for the Zero line (Zero chemical products, 100% Natural) and the edible flowers from organic cultivation. A guarantee for your health and a pleasure for the palate. To increase transparency towards you, we have decided to publish the analyzes of the plants we grow.

In  packs  

you will find a mix

of petals  fresh,

collected within the day

to use

in your dishes


Cultivated in Albenga  - Liguria - Italy  - You buy directly from the manufacturer

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